Success Story

SkySpecs Produces “Safe, Friendly UAVs”™

Most structures are inspected regularly to verify that they are safe and operational. This is especially true for energy and transportation infrastructure, where the safety and operability of the structures affect thousands, if not millions, of people daily. Current methods for inspecting these structures, however, can be prohibitively dangerous, expensive, and time-consuming.

SkySpecs’ aerial vehicles provide inspectors with a safe, simple, and repeatable way to collect inspection data. These advanced UAVs will carry cameras and other sensors to locations that would normally require cranes, rope teams, or support personnel. With a SkySpecs UAV, an inspector will arrive at a job site, equip the vehicle with a variety of sensors, and then hand-deploy it. During the inspection, they will provide high-level commands to inspect the structure, while advanced artificial intelligence handles complex tasks such as obstacle avoidance and stabilization. Once the inspection is complete, the data can be downloaded and reviewed later, all while never leaving a safe, comfortable environment.